ADMT-400SX-32D ADMT-600SX-32D ADMT-1200SX-32D 400m 600m1200m long range water detector

ADMT-600SX-32D 32 Multi Channel 100M-600M depth 3D Touch screen deep underground water detector obtained many patents for invention , especially for invention patent of Field Source Modify of “Geophysical methods for Earth’s Electromagnetic Field Source Modify and Measuring Devices”, solved the problems of inconsistent source of natural electric field intensity and disadvantages of changes at any time.

32 channels of simultaneous input measurements are used to obtain a stable field source, which not only solves the problem of the natural electric field changing at any time, but also avoids the errors caused by moving the electrodes several times in the same profile and solves the shortcomings of single-channel instruments with different repeated measurement data profiles.Some of the key features of ADMT-600SX-32D water detector include:

  • Ability to detect underground water up to 600 meters deep
  • High-resolution data acquisition for accurate water detection
  • 32 electrodes for detailed mapping of subsurface structures
  • Advanced software for data interpretation and analysis
  • User-friendly interface for easy operationMain parameter:
    parameter  model ADMT-400SX-32D ADMT-600SX-32D ADMT-1200SX-32D
    Maximum depth (m) ≤400 ≤600 ≤1200
    Channel input 32-channel simultaneous input, maximum electrode spacing 5m
    Channel selection 1—30
    Optional depth Optional within the maximum depth, refer to
    Deep stratification 40-160
    Connection mode Serial port, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB (optional 4G communication)
    display 10.1 inch IPS wide angle 178 ° visual touch screen (1024 × 600)
    operating system Android 6.0.1
    CPU ARM Cortex-A7 8-core CPU 2.0Hz operating memory
    1G memory 8G (expandable 128G)
    major function Depth optional, channel number optional, real-time 2D/3D drawing, battery removable
    Measurement mode MN/TT
    measuring range ±5V
    Frequency range (HZ) 0.001—7K
    Frequency selective filtering Preset frequency selection, intelligent frequency selection,
    analog+data filtering, 1-16 times superimposed optional
    resolving power 0.01mV±3%
    Sampling time (seconds) 120—7200
    Battery power consumption 900mA/H
    Weight of main engine 3kg

    Overall, the ADMT-600SX-32D water detector is a powerful tool for groundwater exploration and management, and it is widely used by geophysicists, hydrologists, and other professionals in the field of water resource management.


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