ADMT-180ZN/300ZN/600ZN/900ZN/1200ZN Speedy Version Underground Water Detector

The Fast ADMT-180ZN/300ZN/600ZN/900ZN/1200ZN Underground Water detector is a cutting-edge device designed for efficient and accurate water detection below the surface. It utilizes advanced technology to quickly identify underground water sources, providing precise measurements and reliable results. With its high-speed capability, the ADMT-180ZN/300ZN/600ZN/900ZN/1200ZN enables swift and efficient surveys, making it an invaluable tool for groundwater exploration and resource management. This state-of-the-art detector is a game-changer in the field, offering unparalleled performance and ease of use for professionals in geology, hydrology, and environmental sciences.

A. Switch     B. Camera      C. Radiator     D. Magnetic multi-function interface

Standard: A. Accessory case    B. Single-channel cables    C. Alloy electrodes     D. Hammers
Optional: E.  Multi-channel extension         F.  High-density cascading cables

Versions ADMT-180ZN ADMT-300ZN ADMT-600ZN ADMT-900ZN ADMT-1200ZN
Max Depth ≤180 m ≤300 m ≤600 m ≤900 m ≤1200 m
Scan Interval 5 M 10 M
Channel Options All channels share one console (extension to multi-channels just by increasing accessories and upgrading to enhanced cable). Multi-channel options support both MN and TT
Operating Mode MN/TT
Frequency Range 1-5000 HZ
Filtering FFT Smart
Discrim. 0.01mV±2%
Sampling Time 10s
Connection All-in-one magnetic connection (charging, USB and single input all in one), wifi, bluetooth 4.0
Display 7 “IPS high brightness touch screen, Automatic screen rotation
Resolution 1024*800
OS Android 8.1
CPU ROCKCHIP Quad-core Cortex-A17
GPU Mali T746
Storage 16GB
Core Features All channels in one, Real-time curve/contour mapping, All-device interconnection, Free software upgrade
Other Features Camera (incl. fill flash), Multi-device mirroring, Water and dust proof
Battery 6000mAh
Weight 0.99 KG




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