ADMT-300H ADMT-300HT2 ADMT-300HT3 Adjust Groundwater Detector 100M 200M 300M

  • Model:ADMT-300H,ADMT-300HT2,ADMT-300HT3
  • Adjustable detection depth:100m/200m/300m
  • mainframe probe integrated, MN and probe switched (C3), length 100cm
  • Use Android mobile phone Bluetooth connection

ADMT-300H,ADMT-300HT2,ADMT-300HT3 is a three series portable groundwater detector with the same detection depth and adjustable depths of 100M, 200M, and 300M.Groundwater detector is a highly integrated advanced detection equipment, which can detect the change of underground apparent resistivity to judge the depth and location of underground water Detecting the position and depth of water to display 2D and 3D images has gradually become a practical tool for farmland irrigation and water conservancy development.


The detector has a compact and durable design, which is easy to install and use in various places including underground. Its maximum detection range is 300m underground, and different depths of 100m, 200m and 300m are provided for different detection depths.

Model Parameter ADMT-300H ADMT-300HT2 ADMT-300HT3
Adjustable depth(m) 100/200/300m
Battery power consumption 8.4V2600mAH lithium battery, power consumption about 130mA
Connection mode Bluetooth 4.0 (or Wifi)
MN electrode Copper 12mm φ 10 or self-made electrode
Operation display (5-10.1) inch Android touch screen
(self configured or optional) WIFI or 4G network
Major function Optional depth, 2D/3D automatic drawing,
full wireless, automatic parameter adaptation
TT electromagnetic induction coil(mm/w) —— 300/4 450/8
TT electromagnetic induction core(KmH/m) —— 80 100
work environment Soft Soft/Hard
Frequency range (HZ) 10-8K
Measurement mode MN MN/TT
resolution ratio 0.1mV±5%
Sampling time (seconds) 40-80
Deep delamination 10-60
Length Weight cm/kg 46/1.1 86/2.9 100/3.6


ADMT-300H,ADMT-300HT2,ADMT-300HT3can also be connected to the APP through Bluetooth for measurement, and the measurement data can also be synchronized to the cloud, which can meet the needs of different terminal data viewing and printing, solving the problem of no network work in the field.



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