ADMT-800HT2 ADMT-800HT3 Borewell water detector 100m/200m/300m/500m/800m

The ADMT-800HT2 borewell water detector is a cutting-edge device designed for detecting and locating water sources in borewells. This device is an essential tool for the agricultural and construction industries, providing an efficient and accurate way to locate water sources in underground wells.


ADMT-800HT2 uses advanced technology to detect and locate water sources in drilling. Its working principle is to detect the anomaly of underground apparent resistivity, judge it through the high resistance and low resistance areas, and receive it by the receiver of the equipment. Then, the device calculates the depth of water source according to the time required for signal return.


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parameter  model ADMT-800HT2 ADMT-800HT3
Adjustable depth(m) 100/200/300/500/800
Battery power consumption 8.4V2600mAH lithium battery, power consumption about 130mA
Connection mode Bluetooth 4.0 (or Wifi)
MN electrode Copper 12mm φ 10 or self-made electrode
Operation display (5-10.1) inch Android touch screen (self configured or optional)
WIFI or 4G network
major function Optional depth, 2D/3D automatic drawing, full wireless,
automatic parameter adaptation
TT electromagnetic induction coil(mm/w) 300/4 450/8
TT electromagnetic induction core(KmH/m) 100 120
work environment Soft/Hard
Frequency range (HZ) 0.01—8K
Measurement mode MN/TT
resolution ratio 0.01mV±2%
Sampling time (seconds) 40-200
Deep delamination 10-80
Length Weight cm/kg 86/2.9 100/3.5


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