ADMT-200S-Y 200M mobile phone Underground water detector

ADMT-200S 200-meter mobile phone water detector is a device used to detect water and locate underground water sources. It has two different configurations to choose from. The standard configuration is the need for wire measurement. An optional wireless probe is added

It is a portable handheld device, which can be connected to mobile phones through Bluetooth, and use electromagnetic method technology to detect the presence of water. It provides the basis and direction for the driller to find water,ADMT-200S can detect water up to 200 meters deep and is suitable for various applications such as drilling, drilling installation and geological survey.

One of the most popular functions is that it can also be used to determine the depth and thickness data of possible aquifers, and the detection depth can be divided into different gears. The measurement results are presented in 2D maps and 3D maps.

Main parameter:

Parameter        Model ADMT-200S-Y(Mainfram With Touch Screen)
Maximum depth (m) ≤200
Optional depth 200m
Connection mode Serial port, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB (optional 4G communication)
Display Connect your Android phone
Operating system Android 6.0.1
CPU/AD sampling ARM Cortex-A7 (AD24-bit 1Msps)
Major function Depth selectable, real-time 2D/3D drawing, removable battery
Measurement mode MN/TT
Measuring range ±5V
Frequency range (HZ) 1-8K
Frequency selective filtering Preset frequency selection, intelligent frequency selection,
analog+data filtering, 1-16 times superimposed optional
Resolving power 0.1mV±5%
Sampling time (seconds) 30-280
Battery power consumption 600mA/H
Weight of main engine 2.3kg



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