ADMT-1200S-X 1200m Water Detection Device

ADMT-1200S-X is a water detection device, which mainly detects the irrigation water in underground farmland or storage areas where water may exist. The equipment can detect a maximum depth of 1200 meters underground.
ADMT-1200S-X uses the technology of combining electrical and magnetic methods to analyze the underground resistivity anomalies to reflect the places where water may exist, especially the fissure water.

The device has a 7-inch touch screen display, which directly displays the 2D/3D map of the measurement results to remind the user of the location and depth of water. Relevant software shall be provided for analysis and review. The ADMT-1200S-X is powered by rechargeable batteries and equipped with a luggage compartment for easy transportation and storage. And an optional wireless probe.Product Parameters Similar products at different depth :

Parameter    Model ADMT-1200S-X ADMT-3000S-X
Maximum depth (m) ≤1200 ≤3000
Optional depth 100m/200m/300m/400m/500m/
Connection mode Serial port, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB (optional 4G communication)
Display 7-inch IPS wide angle 178 ° visual touch screen
Operating system Android 6.0.1
CPU/AD sampling ARM Cortex-A7 (AD24-bit 1Msps)
Major function Depth selectable, real-time 2D/3D drawing, removable battery
Measurement mode MN/TT
Measuring range ±5V
Frequency range
Frequency selective filtering Preset frequency selection, intelligent frequency selection,
analog+data filtering, 1-16 times superimposed optional
Resolving power 0.01mV±2%
Sampling time (seconds) 60-900
Battery power consumption 600mA/H
Weight of main engine 2.3kg

In general, ADMT-1200S-X is a reliable and effective water detection equipment, and is the best digital water finder for well digging detection machines.


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